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    Homemade Mediterranean Cuisine to Nourish Your Soul

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  • Meet Mo

    Hand prepared with love, DervishMazza delivers authentic tastes of the Mediterranean to your door.


    Born in Cairo, Mo grew up in a loving household where his mother’s cooking, and the surrounding Egyptian culture, etched his worldview. Every morning, his grandfather prepared fūl—a savory stew of fava beans—for the workers at a local textile factory. This nurturing morning ritual of savoring fūl awakened his palette and set his culinary course. His first job was at a French bakery down the street from his childhood home. Later on, Mo's passion for cooking was molded by years in France and nearly two decades at renowned kitchens in New York City. Upon settling in Minneapolis, he founded DervishMazza, a pickup and delivery service offering the very best of Mo’s cuisine.

    Mo presents a Smörgåsbord of Mediterranean specialties, many being vegetarian, from the finest locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. He has a weakness for Lebanese pomegranate molasses and anise liquor, dried hibiscus flowers from Egypt, and French feta cheese. A meal at Mo's typically begins with an Arak aperitif, whetting the appetite for an eclectic spread of mazza* deftly paired with wine and cocktails. In his free time, he cooks for Minneapolis-based charity Eat for Equity as well as developing side projects, like Saha, a custom ginger elixir.



    *Definition: MAZZA
    An assortment of dishes served as appetizers, accompaniments to main dishes, or a complete meal in itself.
    An age old culinary tradition of Middle Eastern cuisine from Morocco to Persia.


    Mazza Menu


    Elwalima 3 course dinner for two

    Please order a day in advance


    1st course, Spinach, yellow spilt-pea, tomato, coriander, cilantro

    2nd course, Mazza sampler served with za'atar pita chips

    3rd Dukkah crusted rack of lamb served, Fesenjoon, chermoula caramelized vegetables,
    couscous with preserved lemon, z'aatar



    Pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan are Welcome 

    El Walima available 7 days a week. Order one-day in advance


    Mazza trio, Any Three Mazza


    1.-Spinach, yellow spilt-pea, tomato, coriander, cilantro

    2-Baba ganoush, aubergin, tamarind, lemon-grass, mint

    3-Ful Madames, Fava-beans, cumin, lemon,EVOO

    4-Pesto di funghi, porcini Mushroom, walnut, parmesan cheese, Amontillado sherry

    5- Artichokes hearts, preserved lemon, herbs, pistachio

    6-Black eyed-pea, aromatic tomato

    7- Feta cheese, mint, harissa

    8- Fesenjoon, goat cheese, pomegranate, walnut

    9- Silk Road, chickpeas, Thai chili, sun-dried tomatoes, tahini

    10- Muhammara, red pepper, walnut, pomegranate, Aleppo chili, cardamom

    11- Lima beans, fennel, lemon, , bay leaves

    12- Tapenade, Kalamata olives, walnut, orange zest
    13- Tomato provençal, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, basil, anchovies
    14- Pearl couscous, preserved lemon, raisins, za'atar

    15- Falafel, tahini, pickles


    All mazza are served with za'atar pita chips


    Sides and Condiments


    Fesenjoon, marmalade of pomegranate and walnut

    Feta stuffed date and rolled in za'atar

    Crispy herbed pita chips

    House-mixed Za'atar

    House-mixed Herb de Provence

    Dukkah, toasted funnel, coriander, sesame seeds, cumin, crushed walnuts




    Please text Mo with your order at 612-770-3441

    or complete the form at the bottom of this page


    Pickup curbside Tuesday-Saturday, In Old Highland Minneapolis






    Transport yourself to a one-of-a-kind Mediterranean-inspired feast. Join Mo for a very special evening of exceptional tastes, warm company, and basking in the good life.

    A caterer and bartender, Mo prepares Middle Eastern/Mediterranean meals using a mixture of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients (including herbs from the garden), and his favorite pomegranate molasses and anise liquor from Lebanon, dried hibiscus flowers from Egypt, and French feta cheese.


    A meal at Mo's begins with an aperitif drink of Arak and a Mezza selection of spreads and finger food. Set among the leafy trees and garden of his home under magical fairy lights, you can enjoy your 4-course dinner with a special friend or group of friends. Tables for 2, 4 and 8 available.
    As you eat, you might notice an eclectic mixture of Middle Eastern and Latin music, including tunes from his travels in Cuba.


    Mo cooks a melange of Middle Eastern and French inspired meals and is always happy to cook vegetarian cuisine as well.
    Having been a bartender for over two decades, Mo loves selecting wine pairings and cocktails for his guests.



    Mazza dinner.


    1St course

    Whirling Dervish Mazza sampler

    Feta cheese, mint, Olives tapenade, Baba ganoush, Ful Madames,Tomato provençal

    served with Za’atar pita chips


    2nd coures

    Artichokes hearts, preserved lemon, herbs, pistachio

    Tabouli salad, Lebanese pomegranate


    3rd course

    Three seeds Falafel, tahini, pickles


    4th cours

    Turkey thighs kofta, Muhammara, mint


    5th course

    Sgroppino, Venetian lemon dessert



    Mazza dinner is served with Aperitif and Wine

    Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and pescatarian substitutions available on request.

    $78 per guest "Tax and gratuity not included"



    (Sept 9, Booked) , (Sept 10 Booked ) , (Sept 11, two seats left) , ( Sept 18,two seats left)(Sept 23, Booked) , (Sept 24, Booked) , (Sept 25, 4 seats left)


    (Oct 8th) , (Oc t9th) , (Oct 21st) , (Oct 22nd) , (Oct 23rd)


    REQUEST YOUR PATIO MAZZA DINNER TODAY. Please list number of guests.

    Event duration 6-9 pm

  • Gallery

    Dream, then dine. All dishes are made from scratch with only the finest ingredients.


    Red peppers, walnut, pomegranate molasses and Aleppo chili


    Fava-beans, dill and crispy onions


    Chickpeas, Thai chili, sun dried tomatoes and tahini

    Marinated artichokes

    Artichokes hearts, preserved lemon, Tunisian harissa and mint

    Feta dip

    Feta cheese, mint and harissa

    Goat-cheese fesenjoon

    Goat-cheese "pomegranate and walnut"


    Falafel, tahini and pickles


    Date stuffed feta, za'atar and extra virgin olive oil

    Lima beans

    Lima beans, sumac, Aleppo pepper and extra virgin olive oil

    El Walima three course dinner for two

    Whirling Dervish Mazza sampler, yellow lentil soup, Mirepoix Stuffed Poussin with couscous and caramelized parsnips.

    Whirling Dervish Mazza Sampler

    Selection of six mazza served with Zaa'tar pita chips.

    Special Easter Dinner

    3 course dinner with Dukkah crusted rack of lamb, see menu page for details.


    Pickup curbside 7 days a week, In Old Highland Minneapolis


    Please list the numbers (1–14) of each mazza you'd like along with any sides and condiements and if you're not picking up, provide your address in the instruction field.

    Also, if you have any dietary concerns, please be sure to let us know.